Future Medicine is Preventive Medicine

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We have been speaking about it endlessly, it appears. Time Journal lately coated the subject– it was concerning the software of excessive tec gadgets and procedures leading to miraculous prospects, and course, costs to match. However, had been nonetheless treating symptoms– “band-aiding” well being points.

Analysis groups have labored for years with billions of {dollars} spent to seek out “cures” for illnesses that steal the lives of numerous hundreds of our inhabitants each year– males, girls, kids. Twenty-six years of analysis has gone into discovering a treatment for HIC-AIDs, and evern extra money and time into most cancers analysis, and it appears we aren’t any nearer to discovering anyting that approches an actual reply.

What our well being care system has turn out to be is a “disease-management”system, as we go now with our lives giving scant thought to ‘wellness’ till signs overtake us, forcing us into medicine and surgical procedure. Let’s think about what we might change about our current system if we might. The system can be:

  • Proactive – a system that neutralizes “negatives” earlier than they turn out to be symptomatic.
  • Customized – type thousand of frequencies, the physique reads solely what it wants for the time being,
  • Preventive – a once-in-a-lifetime system.
  • All natrual and harm-free frequencies programmed right into a water-base.
  • Consumer-friendly – a do-it your self system of ingesting a quart of water day by day conaining the cleaning frequencies.
  • Quick – solely six-weeks to completion.
  • Reasonably priced!!

However what if there was already a system accessible with a observe document of almost tow a long time ofuse and two years of laboratory analysis by a three-time Novel Prize nominee? Upon completion of his research Dr. Rustum Roy of Pennsylvania State College reported that, “these are superb formulation with spectacular outcomes.

Welcome to the world of vitality medication, preventive medication at its greatest— the reply to our cry for helphas been answered. You may say its “future midicine” with out all of the bells and whistles, and the excessive price ticket.

All we wanted was a easy deep-cellular cleanse, which in a matter of weeks might convey an acidic system again ot alkaline. why is this so vital? As a result of no illness can stay i a pH-balanced system– not HIV-AIDs, most cancers, yeart, fungus, nor parasites. No illness. All we wanted was a easy deep-cellular cleanse, which in a matter of weeks might convey an acidic system again to alkaline. Why is this so vital? As a result of no illness can stay in a pH-balanced system- not HIV-AIDs, most cancers, yeast, fungus, nor parasites. No illness.

And one of the best half is that each one it takes is ingesting a quart of pure water day by day with the addition of droppers of water-based formulation. Maybe the most important miracle of all is the truth that the physique is self-diagnosing so with every swallow, solely the frequencies the physique wants at that second are “learn”. Speak about customized medication!

To high all of it off, a system of future medication ought to maintain its proprietor properly for a lifetime. It is vital to understand that if one is wholesome, a “lifetime” could imply 100, 200 and even 300 years of productiveness. How might that be? Truly, it is fairly fool-proof. The scientists inform us that as soon as cells are cleansed and repaired they regenerate entire and excellent fairly than broken. Thus, a de-aging course of is put into place and so long as a easy upkeep program is used together with adequate water consumption, a lifetime of wellness is completely attainable.

Now mobile toxins and different negatives might be neutralized earlier than they manifest as illness– or a quickly getting old physique. This is positively future medication, already in use on the planet at this very second. It has a name- it is referred to as “vitality medication”.

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