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I used to be lastly compelled to go to my household physician within the latter a part of 2006 because of the rising assaults of acid reflux disease, particularly throughout the night time. Acid reflux disorder is the place the abdomen acid comes again up the esophagus and into the mouth, inflicting a burning sensation within the throat. The situation reached a stage the place I used to be taking antacid tablets as much as 5 occasions an evening.

I’ve had acid reflux disease for a number of years now and medically managing it with Prilosec. Over the previous a number of months I had been noticing that the reflux was turning into worse so I added Pepcid AC at night time and extra lately doubled my dose of Prilosec as I used to be having apparent signs of esophagitis. My household physician additionally put me on lansoprazole, a proton pump inhibitor. After a month it stopped the acid reflux disease. I believed I used to be cured. However three weeks after ending the course of tablets, the reflux returned and I began to endure heartburn, which I had by no means skilled earlier than. Additionally my entire digestive system began to decelerate, and I grew to become constipated. My colon stays delicate to today. Then I’m going again to my household physician, he steered Refluxamine, a pure acid reflux disease aid. I began Refluxamine about few weeks in the past and whereas I’m nonetheless taking all my antacid meds, my esophagitis signs are actually gone, in addition to the facet impact of antacid and lansoprazole. I’m persevering with on Refluxamine now. It certain can be nice if I may regularly wean off all of the antacids like Prilosec and Pepcid AC.

One factor I like about Refluxamine is that it solely took just a few days to see a optimistic results of beginning on the product. Additionally, since Refluxamine is made with all-natural elements and no dangerous steroids, fillers, or chemical compounds, it’s fairly protected to take frequently, based on my doctor. As first I’m afraid my blood strain will rise since Refluxamine accommodates Licorice, however my doctor assured that it’ll not have an effect on my blood strain to irregular stage.

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