Native American Bird Medicines

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There are such a lot of chicken medicines. They’re advanced and tough to explain. I’ve hesitated to write down about them. Then the concept got here that it will be higher to start out by sharing a number of after which including different tales later. The one’s I do know are from private expertise and coaching.

Water Birds

These are the birds that dive to the underside of lakes and rivers and deposit on the shore the medicines we’d like for therapeutic. Water birds are one of many essential and vital medicines of the Native American Church or Peyote Method.

Music birds

These are the birds that give us songs and improve our voices with energy to heal and strengthen the folks. A few of these birds are the Blue chicken, the Eagle and Finches.

The eagle has many makes use of in conventional Native American life. In relation to singing they bring about songs to the singers. That’s the reason northern singers such because the Lakota sing at a really excessive pitch. They’re imitating the sound of the eagle.

Warrior Birds

These birds are typically birds of prey reminiscent of eagle, owl, and hawk. Eagle takes our prayers and ideas as much as the upper realms the place the “helper” spirits dwell and likewise is nice safety. Hawks deal extra with the earthly realms in areas reminiscent of meals and shelter. Owls are usually not simply messengers, they’ve therapeutic capacity of their talons, and so they guard us.

There are particular person sorts of birds that give us medication. Their medicines often come by means of the utilization of their feathers, slightly than their songs or behaviors.

Flicker – Flicker feathers from the tail, due to their sharp level on the tip, are utilized in doctoring to open the world on the physique that wants one thing eliminated. Corresponding to a blood clot, tumor, or a overseas object. I take advantage of the time period “overseas object” slightly than what Indian folks know as “Unhealthy Medication”. Unhealthy Medication is when an individual “shoots” one thing into one other’s physique or sends a spirit or different sort of entity to make the goal sufferer in poor health, to make them die, or to cripple them. Sadly, that is fairly frequent.

Flicker feathers are also referred to as “Love Medication” which supposedly brings a lover into somebody’s life or finds a “soul mate”. Any such medication is taken into account decrease stage of utilization of a strong medication. I typically name any such use, “manipulative magic”. Due to my lineage and coaching I’m forbidden to make use of this type of medication. I can by no means change, alter or affect an individual’s life with out their permission and the permission of the “Tunkasilas” historical spirits. Manipulative magic would not ask, it invades and could be very dangerous.

Raven – Raven is a “trickster”. Raven seems in a wide range of types making us assume they’re one other sort of chicken. Their voice could make us assume they’re human. They typically seem like one other shade as a substitute of black. The “trickster” retains us alert and conscious. Honing our expertise of remark and broadening our private views. If we talk with Raven it’s best to do not forget that they’re true “tricksters”. Typically the solutions they provide are easy and different occasions the messages are the alternative of what it must be. The listener have to be very in tune with which kind of message the Raven is giving. Raven will present us the brighter facet of life with glowing and glossy objects in its beak or when it dives repeatedly at a shiny object on the bottom. When raven does this, it’s such an uplifting expertise and so crucial for our properly being on this illusionary world. To learn extra see my article and private story of the Raven Coronary heart Lady.

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