Medical Tourism Thailand

Medical Tourism ThailandThailand has been a popular holiday destination of the East which is now a popular medical tourism destination as well. The Thai medical service is one of the best in the region and its great tradition of hospitality has combined to give it an entry to the list of popular medical tourism hubs in Asia.
Hospitals in Thailand:

The Thai government has also invested a great deal in providing the doctors with world-class training and also in improving the infrastructure of its hospitals. Thailand’s famous hospitals such as The Bumrungrad Hospital, the Bangkok General Hospital and its affiliates Samitivej Hospital and Bangkok Nursing Home Hospital have 40-50% of their patients as medical tourists. Most of the hospitals achieve ISO 9001 accreditation as a result of well equipped medical facilities and well trained medical staff.

Heart bypass


Hip replacement

$22,000-53,000 (US)
$12,000 (Thailand)

Gastric bypass

$33,000-58,000 (US)
$13,000 (Thailand)

* The figures above may vary across different hospitals

Travelling to Thailand:

A host of domestic and international flights frequent the country under the vigilant backing of airports Authority of Thailand. Tourists from many nations are allowed a 30-day stay in Thailand without a visa. You can extend your stay by a month by paying around $50. You can easily attain a two-month visa through the Thai embassy in your home country. However, if you wish to extend your stay for more than 60 days, you can apply for a non-immigrant visa.

Some of the Thai hotels share their place with some of the best hotels in the world and all the luxury would cost a fraction of what a similar stay would cost you back home. There is also an array of affordable hotel-rooms, guest houses and resorts and you can rent one that suits you best. You can also include Thailand’s exotic Spa treatments as a part of your medical travel.